Personalised Advice

Support and Advice is available to members and potential new members to provide professional advice and one-to-one support to seafarers in yachting. 

Member Assistance Service (MAS)

Due to the generous unpaid time offered by a small group of our senior Directors, Councillors, and members, the PYA staff in Antibes are able to direct individual inquiries (in confidence) to this knowledgeable panel of PYA experts. The advice and information provided by the PYA are always impartial, and if we don't know the answer, we will find out for you.

The topics referred to us are yachting-related and cover a wide range of subjects such as contracts of employment (Seafarers Employment Agreements - SEA's), unlawful stoppage of wages/salary, poor accommodation, bullying, and harassment, career progression and advice, etc.

To contact our Member Assistance Service (MAS) Team, email:

Careers advice

The PYA offers one-to-one advice on matters relating to sea service, certification, and examination.  If you need such support then please contact the Antibes office for an appointment to discuss your situation in confidence.

The PYA encourages and mentors new entrants into professional yachting, as well as offers career advice to seasoned crew. The PYA staff and council can assist crew at all stages of their careers, including updates on qualifications, career mapping, CV advice, help with applications for NoEs, Training Record Books, and all aspects of Sea Service and Yacht Service recording.

Attending and hosting regular webinars and workshops on various subjects worldwide, the PYA invites renowned industry professionals with topical and relevant information to inform the crew of changes in policy and regulations that affect them and their careers.

We also host our annual Sea Changes Forum, where industry experts provide the most up-to-date information on regulation, certification, industry trends, and more. The PYA Sea Changes Forum is extremely well-attended and is the place to be for all the need-to-know updates. The Sea Changes Forum will always be free for PYA members to attend.

Get advice now

  • For information about Yacht Rating  Certificates, email: 
  • For careers advice, including certification/NOE applications/sea service verification/testimonials, email

Or you can call: +33 (4) 493 349 116 (during office hours)