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Virtual Pursers Launch Shoreside Services for Superyachts

1 October 2020

With the ever-increasing burden of yacht administration and a growing demand for remote support, today sees the launch of Virtual Pursers, a bespoke shoreside purser service for yacht owners, captains and management companies.

Founded by experienced yacht pursers Bec McKeever and Dominique Smit, Virtual Pursers can confidently assume all the responsibilities of a purser on board, relieving captains of the need to employ a full-time crew member when space is limited.

Managing vessel and crew administration, accounting, logistics and provisioning, Virtual Pursers offer a flexible and cost-effective solution either full time, project-based, or whenever additional support is required.

With extensive knowledge and years of experience working onboard world cruisers, Bec and Dominique are also experts in itinerary planning and guest concierge, providing a meticulous service at the height of any charter season.

Not only a boon for captains, Virtual Pursers offer a solution to the industry brain-drain when female pursers eventually move ashore taking their skills and expertise with them. Describing themselves as ‘‘The Purser You’ll Never Lose’, a key part of their vision is to provide an opportunity for other yacht pursers to continue their careers ashore, accommodating lifestyle changes and family commitments.

“We believe the purser role can be achieved just as effectively ashore and in many cases it has already proved to be very successful,” said Dominique Smit. “We know how time-pressured captains are and how much they have to do in a day, and we can alleviate their stress by taking care of all the administration that they don’t have time for.”

Full time pursers will also appreciate the additional support available from Virtual Pursers ashore. “As pursers ourselves, we know first-hand of the pressures and time constraints that pursers face,” said Bec McKeever. “We can take care of any over-flow of work such as itineraries or general administration and we can also cover periods of sick leave, holiday and rotations.”

The growing trend for remote working coupled with huge advances in communications and management software make it easier than ever for experienced pursers to provide a professional and secure service from a distance. “Technology makes it easy to communicate and operate remotely and at Virtual Pursers we use secure cloud-based systems with top of the range cyber security implementations to ensure the safety and privacy of all client data,” assures Bec.

Conscious of the ongoing impact of the pandemic on top of the existing complexities of yacht administration Dom said, “The feedback we’ve received from peers and the wider yachting community has been very positive, and we’re proud and excited to launch our new business in the industry that we know and love.”

For further information please visit the website:

Or you can contact Bec and Dominique directly: Email:

Tel: +44 (0)203 5140413

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