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Best Management Practices For Large Scale Rescue Operations at Sea

Author: Allmode, 2015

The recent increase in migrant movement around the world has raised a significant safety issue for the maritime sector. The potential impact upon shipping has become a very real and credible threat to the safety and security of legitimate seafarers, their employers and stakeholders. Private and commercial vessels are becoming increasingly embroiled in rescue efforts. This guide provides advice on how to handle this situation.


PYA Aide Memoire for Migrant Boat Encounter, May 2015

Authors: Captain Rod Hatch (PYA), Captain Adrian Croft (PYA), Allmode, OnboardOnline

A set of simplified guidelines for captains, SSOs and CSOs to print and laminate for training purposes onboard, and to refer to in the heat of the drama of a migrant boat encounter. 



Ship Recycling - Summary of IHM Services

Author: SYBass

Details on the EU Regulation 1257/2013 on Ship Recycling.