Richard began his seagoing career in 1981 as a Deck Cadet on cargo ships trading Worldwide. Having sailed on a variety of ships as a junior officer he worked on a sail training ship before moving to passenger ships in 1991. He attained his Masters CoC in 1993 and first command 5 years later on Windstar cruises MSY “Wind Song”. As yachts increased in tonnage and demanded Class 1 certification he made the move to superyachts in 2003 and commanded some of the largest and most well-known yachts over the next 15 years, visiting most of the globe including the Arctic and Antarctic. 

After 37 years at sea, he took the leap ashore in 2018 and now keeps busy with consultancy work for refit and newbuild projects. Whenever time allows he maintains his love of sailing on his Oyster 435 in the Mediterranean.