Helen entered the yachting industry from a successful career in Marketing in the B2B IT.  After four years working as Sole Stewardess on a sailing yacht, she secured a position first as crew chef and then as Purser on a 78m world-cruising converted salvage tug boat. Helen has been a Purser on board 8 yachts in her 20 year Purser-career and has a wealth of knowledge and experience.   
Helen comes to the PYA Council, not with a list of degrees and certificates, but with grounded life experience both ashore and on board yachts.  She has been and always will be very approachable by all crew offering advice, support, empathy, and a listening non-judgemental ear. 
In her personal time, Helen practices yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and enjoys snow-skiing, hiking, being outdoors in nature, travel and different cultures.