Lars manages the day to day operations and the business development of Warsash Superyacht Academy. Coming from a superyacht background, Lars was previously a senior lecturer and a training manager in charge of training provisions for the industry, he is very knowledgeable in all aspects of both yacht specific as well as unlimited certification. Lars holds an MSc in Physics as well as Master in Business Administration and can draw from an extensive professional experience in the area of business and product development, marketing and digital media.

Lars’ career highlights from his active time at sea include being in charge of an expedition to the pack ice of the North Pole and being one of the very few yachts to have been North of 80° latitude.

Lars is passionate about training for the yacht industry and devotes much extra time in advising professional crew and contributing to numerous training committees and working groups. He is also managing the IAMI examination system for yacht deck officers (MCA certification) worldwide.

Warsash has been involved in yacht training since its inception some twenty years ago. It is one of the biggest nautical colleges in the UK with more than 11,500 student enrolments a year, a dedicated nautical campus and more than 120 lecturing staff.