Who is IAMI?

• It’s UK and International training providers, maritime colleges and universities

• Has two International maritime bodies • Associated with seven Worldwide Colleges and training agencies

• Setup in 1993 from an amalgamation of the International Association of Navigation Schools (1917) and the Association of Marine Engineering Schools (1952).

What does it do?

• All members are focused purely on delivering quality maritime training to the Merchant Navy, Offshore, workboats, towage and Superyacht industries.

• It assists Government in the development of maritime training programmes both in the UK and internationally through sub groups formed from its subject matter experts.

• It holds an Annual Conferences and arranges other forums during the year with a focus on maritime training and education in UK & Europe

• Provides written examinations for engineering and deck for STCW Large Yachts Qualifications on behalf of the Maritime Coastguard Agency.

• IAMI role is to respond to the training needs of the future reacting positively to demands of the wider maritime industry sectors e.g. creating new Maritime Skills Qualifications Units

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