Sea Service Verification

The easiest way to record Sea Service, approved by the MCA

When trying to obtain a certificate of competency or progress your career, the biggest problem yacht crew have is to accurately prove their time spent at sea. As the size of the industry increases, it has become essential for the authorities and employers to place more thorough checks on recorded sea service to avoid false information slipping through the net.

One of the services the PYA offers members, and now non-members too, is the verification of sea time on behalf of the MCA. Using our stringent ISO Quality Management system, we meticulously check that the information on the crew member's sea service testimonials is correct (both retrospective and present sea time). For PYA members, this is then stamped into the PYA MCA-approved Service Record Book along with your certificates. This can then be submitted to the MCA without the need for additional documentation.

For non-members, sea service testimonials can be verified on a pay-as-you-go basis, however the PYA Service Record Book is reserved for members only.

Despite what some of the older yachting generation might tell you, gone are the days when you could submit unverified sea service to the MCA for your NoE or CoC. The MCA announced in 2016 that as from 1st January 2017, any sea service that is submitted to them without having been previously verified will result in significant delays to applications, and we are now hearing that crews' unverified testimonials have been returned to them by the MCA.

Put simply, the PYA's Sea Service Verification process is essential for anyone wishing to progress their career in yachting. 

Click here to read the terms of the PYA's Sea Service Verification process.