Quality Management

Advancing excellence in education through the process of accreditation

The PYA takes the role of yacht crew representative very seriously. With an increasing number of courses appearing for yacht crew which are not necessarily tailored to the needs of the industry or correctly facilitated, crew members should contact PYA for advice on accredited courses that we consider are fit for the purpose and offer true value for their training investment.  Non mandatory courses are often offered to crew and can have value in your career, unfortunately some can be a waste of your time and money. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) shows a future employer that the training you have undertaken is of top standard and is relevant to your career in Superyachting.

The PYA GUEST Program has now moved under the quality management of IAMI. Suffice to say, that Training Provider's must adhere to the current GUEST syllabus which has been developed with industry experts and offers a defined career path for interior yacht crew.

The PYA no longer assesses or accredits individual training providers as this function has become properly established by either Regulators (e.g Maritime Coastguard Agency) or by the adoption of quality management systems such as ISO 9001:2015 of the good training providers.  We would advise you to look closely at training providers and confirm that they have a quality assurance system in place, are a member of IAMI or have mandatory certification as an approved training provider in delivering STCW courses (including short courses).

Last updated April 2022