Continuing Professional Development

The PYA encourages continuing professional development through workgroups, seminars and also by being part of the Yacht Qualifications Panel at MCA for the Deck and Engineering departments.

We work with the Royal Yachting Association on various educational projects, including the onboard Personal Watercraft Safety course for Owners and Guests, and more recently, following demand for better training at this level, on the RYA/PYA Yacht Tender Certificate for entry-level crew.

The biggest professional development provision the PYA has launched is the industry standard of training and certification for interior crew, 'Guidelines for Unified Excellence in Service Training' (GUEST). It is the first time that the yachting sector has developed its own training standards and filled the recognised gaps in training needs with a progressional career path for an onboard department. With the support of industry professionals such as Crew Agents and MYBA Charter Brokers, and with 22 busy Training Schools worldwide offering all levels of the GUEST program, it has fast become an industry standard.

The PYA’s Continuing Professional Development work includes:

  • Ongoing collaboration with IMARest and IET regarding engineering opportunities within the Maritime sectors.

  • Ongoing discussions with UK regulators regarding transferable skills and maritime qualifications.

  • Rolling out the agreement with Worldchefs for transferable chef qualifications and recognition.

  • Development and expansion of GUEST, extension of GUEST to include Chef courses, ongoing discussions for accreditation of GUEST to City & Guilds & Maritime Skills Alliance.

  • New courses for Deck crew coming that will have the PYA Accreditation for relevant training and skills within our sector.

  • Continuous representation at UK Administration level for the ongoing development of the (Deck and Engineering) Yacht Modules.