PYA Terms and Conditions

Sea Service Verification Procedure for members and non-members

  • The Sea Service Testimonial verification process is available to paid-up, full members of the PYA. Certificate entries are free, as are annual SST entries for those Full members staying on the same vessel or SST entries which are dated and submitted within 12 months of leaving the vessel. This is to assist the office in obtaining verification in a timely fashion.

  • Due to the increased administrative burden, there will be a Late Submission Fee of EUR 25 payable for the verification of any SST submitted to the PYA more than 12 months after leaving the vessel.

  • If the correct annual fee has not been received, membership will expire one month after the due renewal date.

  • A member whose membership has lapsed because of non-payment may rejoin by paying the appropriate annual fee. However, for Full Members there will be a ‘Late Submission Fee’ of EUR 25 per SST and EUR 15 per certificate payable in respect of any SST or certificate issued during the period when membership of the PYA had lapsed.

  • At the request of the MCA, the PYA has agreed to carry out SST verification for non-members. The cost of this service will be EUR 50 per SST with a minimum charge of EUR 100.


  • By joining the PYA, you agree to receive automated email updates to remind you to renew your membership, that a certificate is due to expire and enclosing invoices for payments. 

  • We will also periodically send you important information updates and details of events we are running. If you would like to stop receiving these mailings, please update your preferences in your members' area. If you unsubscribe from these mailings, you will continue to receive renewal reminders and invoices only.

Legal Status of the PYA

  • The PYA is a non-profit making association, registered at the Sub Prefecture in Grasse, France with number 9648 in accordance with the Law of 1st July 1901, and the decree of 16th August 1901.

  • The PYA shall not support with its funds any object, or any endeavour to impose it, by its members or others, any regulation, restriction or condition which would make the object of the PYA a Trades Union.

  • The income and property of the PYA whence so ever derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the PYA and no part of it shall be paid or transferred, directly or indirectly, by way of dividends, bonus or otherwise by way of profits, to members of the PYA, unless otherwise agreed at any Council meeting where a quorum of members is present.