Yachting community gathers  to ‘Save the Med’

On Thursday 12th December, the ‘Save the Med’ foundation hosted a call to action gathering, in Astellieros de Mallorca, for the yachting community in aid of their ‘Mediterranean Marine Regeneration’ project. 

The event, consisting of a workshop, presentations and discussion, aimed to bring together yachting organisations and crew based in Mallorca to assist with marine and environmental regeneration on the Balearics. 

Unfortunately, the high popularity of tourism-related activities on the islands has led to overfishing, overconsumption and pollution. It has also had a severe impact on the local marine environment and has put fragile marine species and ecosystems in danger of decay. 

‘Save the Med’ is a foundation run by a local team of experienced marine scientists and divers who work closely with Spanish authorities and environmental stakeholders to create an effectively-managed network of Marine Protected Areas around the Balearic Islands, with the goal of allowing marine ecosystems to recover and thrive together with prospering local communities and industries.

The yachting industry is one of the key players in the ‘Save the Med’ network which not only benefits from environmental care, but is vital to its contribution.

The event was an important opportunity for the foundation to discuss ways the yachting community can contribute to some of their environmental regeneration and protection activities, including minimising plastic pollution, with the ultimate goal of having a single-use-plastic-free Balearics.

The foundation regularly hosts sailing expeditions on the island for all individuals and organisations interested in assisting with their marine research, and invite all members of the yachting community to join them as part of their research team.

To join the foundation for one of their 2020 expeditions, click here.