Webinar Recording - Yachting Post-lockdown

Following our successful webinar which was hosted last week Thursday 30th April 2020, we have provided some of the key points discussed by our panel below.
Please note, this information is only correct at [17:00 CET, 30 April 2020] and might have been updated by authorities since this time.

To get the latest information, we will be hosting another webinar next week Thursday, 14 May, 17:00 CET which will provide further updates. 

1. Latest COVID-19 updates - lockdown dates and local regulations
Panellist: Kim Llorente, PYA 

The Prime Minister announced the latest decree for phase 2 last Sunday. Starting from May 4th, the following regulations will be in place:

  • People within their region have a new item amongst the essential needs: visiting relatives.
  • The travel certificate will be updated and when visiting them masks need to be worn.
  • Travelling outside your region will be allowed only for 'basic needs' but this may change starting from May 18th.
  • Every region must give a daily report to the Government and the Scientific Committee.
  • Every region will be evaluated and, if the authorities are satisfied, travelling can be allowed. If they aren’t, the borders of the region will remain closed, but it’s the Governor of each region that can decide if they want to open their borders to non-residents, despite the presence of positive results.
  • All factory and construction work will resume
  • Parks will re-open and outdoor individual sports are allowed

May 18th:

  • Shops will be allowed to open with some restrictions in place
  • Team sports may resume

June 1st:  

  • Bars, restaurants, hairdressers and estheticians may open – restrictions to be determined – they are talking about limiting to 50% capacity. In the meantime, take away is accepted.

In addition:

  • Still no date for swimming pools, gyms, sports centres and wellness centres.
  • Masks will also be compulsory on public transport, even taxis.
  • Schools will reopen in September.


  • At the moment, regulations differ by region and will depend on where the boat is berthed 
  • In Liguria for e.g. Shipyards have opened. Local associations and the mayor of Genoa want to allow access for owners and crew to pleasure boats, give them permission to use boats along the coast for tourism and shipyard work, also reopen all the nautical services.

Please note: All these measures can be reversed if the number of infections starts rising again.

Lockdown will end on May 11th. The Prime Minister presented the Government’s de-confinement strategy to the National Assembly on 28th April. This was a general framework for the country and each department is being evaluated with the view that measures will be implemented within each area. 

Between May 11th and June 2nd:

  • No more travel certificates will be required, unless you are travelling more than 100km from your residence - for essential needs only.
  • Gatherings will be allowed for up to 10 people
  • Shops will reopen
  • Outdoor individual sports are allowed, although no indoor sports or team sports will be allowed
  • Parks will re-open in certain departments
  • Beaches will remain closed until at least June 1st
  • Museums, cinemas, theatres and concert halls will remain closed
  • There was no update on restaurants, cafés and recreation travel – there should be an update on this by the end of May
  • Masks are obligatory on public transport
  • The gradual reopening of nurseries and primary schools are on a voluntary basis with limitations and strict sanitary conditions
  • Markets have already reopened

Lockdown will end on May 4th and start with de-confinement phase 1 (out of 3):

  • Masks are strongly advised when out and obligatory on public transport.
  • The public are free to circulate and go to work
  • Shops will reopen with strict health measures
  • Hairdressers and beauty salons are allowed to operate by appointment only
  • Private yachts will be allowed to circulate from 9am to 8pm under the limitations of the maritime police

May 11
th (Phase 2):

  • Schools will reopen (no nurseries) 

June 1
st (Phase 3) - depending on the success of the first phases:

  • Bars, restaurants, beaches, gyms, swimming pools will reopen

Panellist: Seb Tasci, PYA Palma

  • The State of Alarm is present until 11th of May and travel restrictions are extended to the 15th of May.
  • On Tuesday 28th April, Prime Minister Sánchez set out the Spanish government's plan for de-confinement. He said that the transition will be gradual, asymmetric and coordinated. So, it will be different according to each and every region. There will be a "gradual recovery by phases for which the unit will be the province or the island"; there will be no movement between provinces or islands. In the best case, the transition will have a minimum duration of six weeks and a total of four phases. By the end of June, we will be at a situation of the "new normality". 

In Balaerics:

  • Palma de Mallorca opened its beaches and a selection of its parks last Sunday, April 26th. The news was announced by Palma City Council and will allow children up to 14 years old to enjoy open spaces.
  • As a part of phase 0, short walks and individual sporting activities will be allowed starting on May 2nd.
  • All provinces that meet the requirements will move to phase 1 on May 11, except for three islands in the Canaries and the Balearic island of Formentera, where phase 1 begins on May 4th as an exception.
  • Also, on May 11th small businesses will reopen. 
  • Bars and restaurants will be able to reopen their terraces with no more than 30% occupation.
  • Hotels and other tourist accommodation can reopen, excluding common areas.


  • Travel in Europe remains limited to repatriation for nationals or residents. There are, however, exceptions for key workers, such as transportation workers including seafarers, or those travelling for reasons of safety or emergency.
  • Inbound travellers without prior authorization from the Spanish authorities may be denied boarding in the country of origin, while local authorities may yet deny departure, depending on local restrictions and criteria for travel.
  • Palma Airport is currently restricted to only 2 flights per day to Barcelona and Madrid. Only residents with supporting documentation can fly to the Balaerics. Authorization is necessary for any non-resident.
  • We highly recommend all crew to contact yacht agents and authorities prior to travelling during this time.

  1. MCA Updates - Certification & Exams

Panellist: Kim Llorente, PYA

  • We’ve been informed that NOE applications can be sent digitally to the deck or engineering teams, this means you will need to send the filled-in application form and all required documents. This includes the TRB which must be complete in ALL of its parts.
  • They will accept simple copies, so no certification is required. 
  • Proof of sea time: if you haven’t updated your SRB before the lockdown, please copy (CC) the PYA in your email to the MCA and we will follow up to verify your sea service.
  • Please note, they are only receiving applications but NOT processing them. This means that you won’t receive an NOE for the time being.
  • The MCA will update us next week with more news.
  • People should also know that if they need to verify sea time, the PYA is working from home, so you can easily upload your testimonials to your members’ area on our website and we will process it for you.

  1. Training in the upcoming months & Charter health & safety measures

Panellist: John Wyborn, Bluewater Yachting


  • The current lockdown measures in Europe have put most training programs on hold.
  • It’s not clear what health and safety regulations are required to resume group training, so it’s likely that Bluewater Yachting will not be resuming training immediately after lockdown measures have been eased.
  • The MCA has released MIN 612 to advise crew on certification during COVID-19 lockdowns.
  • The MCA will grant crew with expiring certification an extension during COVID-19, however, please follow the guidance in MIN 612 for all details.


  • MYBA is currently discussing ways they can assist the charter industry with health and safety guidelines so that activity can resume once authorities permit. 
  • It’s likely that vessels will need to take into account the health and safety guidelines from the countries in which they are travelling in and out of.
  • MYBA will probably release an update to the industry as soon as governmental regulations have been confirmed regulations required by the industry.

  1. Crew health & safety

Panellist: Andy Crawford, PYA CEO

    • For the foreseeable future and whilst cases of COVID-19 are still being transmitted, it's likely that the yachting industry will need to find a way to resume activity within the health and safety guidelines issued by authorities
    • The IMO and WHO has released a joint statement covering the expiry/extension of seafarer medical certificates and ship sanitation certificates. They are calling on Governments to ensure that inspectors can visit ships and do their jobs with the appropriate PPE. It seeks dispensation on the current allowable extensions in the current circumstances.
    • To assist the recognition of seafarers being recognised as ‘key workers’, The International Chamber of Shipping and The International Transport Workers Federation have released atravel certificate cover letter’ which can be used by seafarers when travelling from their home to their vessel. This is to be used in conjunction with the travel certification template issued by shipping companies and manning agents. The certification template and covering letter 'certifies that a seafarer should be allowed free passage to travel between their home and their vessel and has participated in a medical screening'.

    1. Ports & international travel regulations

    Panellists: Yann Prat, BWA Yachting

      • BWA Yachting has assisted many crew who have needed to travel to and from ports during lockdowns. There is a lot of documentation required to travel during this time, so it’s advised that you work with a yacht agency like BWA to ensure you have the correct documentation before travelling.
      • Many vessels have required that crew who are joining them complete a period of quarantine in onshore accommodation or onboard if possible. 
      • As many vessels have wanted to travel to the Mediterranean ahead of the summer season, BWA has been able to assist with port clearances, as well as advice on which ports allow travel during this time.
      • BWA also has the latest information regarding the movement of vessels between shipyards and marinas, so they can assist vessels who need to get maintenance work done during this time.
      • Regulations for ports are changing daily, so please contact y.prat@bwayachting.com for the latest information.
      • Click here for the full list of regulations per country. Please note, these regulations are only accurate until 30th April 2020.

      1. South African crew travel regulations

      Panellist: Sam Pott, South African Yachties

        • South Africa is not allowing any international travel at the moment, so crew with jobs onboard vessels in another country have not been able travel during the lockdown.
        • Sam has asked all crew needing to travel to contact her as she is working with local government organisations to help grant seafarers permission to travel.
        • There is a repatriation flight going to London this week. If you have a British passport you might be able to get on this flight.
        • South African Yachties can assist crew with the travel documentation and visa extensions (currently granted by France and Italy), so please contact them if you have any further questions samantha@southafricanyachties.co.za.

        1. Crew mental health support - ISWAN

        Panellist: Caitlin Vaughan, ISWAN

          • Many crew have struggled with anxiety regarding their employment and financial concerns during this time. 
          • Lockdown measures have also meant that crew have particularly suffered from isolation and been unable to travel to spend time with friends and family.
          • ISWAN has a 24-hour helpline available to crew who need support. You can find the details for this on their website https://www.seafarerswelfare.org/