Watch our Seachanges webinar

We recently hosted a webinar where we interviewed the industry's leading regulatory bodies who provided an update on training, certification and exams which have all been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Discussion topics:
• Online training and certification issues related to persistent COVID-19 restrictions. Are short courses available?
• Interior crew: Food hygiene and related issues as an enhanced professional skill - is this a specialist training module?
• Health and Safety in vessel deck operations and tender operations. What are the handling and environment issues?
• New direct route to OOW Yachts for deck crew.

• Brian Johnson- CEO, Maritime and Coastguard Agency
• Ajit Jacob – Chief Examiner, Seafarer services, MCA
• Greg Wheatstone -Engineer Examiner, Seafarer Services, MCA
• Adam Jackson – Head of Large Yacht Services, MCA
• Richard Falk - Director of Training and Qualifications - Royal Yachting Association
• Joey Meen - Interior Training - IAMI