Update on non-Schengen vessels in French waters

From today (12 May 2021), non-Schengen vessels can sail French waters.

The Préfecture Maritime de la Mediterranée issued a new regulation (090/2012 attached, see Article 1) which states that:

- Foreign vessels are authorised to cross French territorial seas.

- They can also travel to their home ports located on the French Mediterranean coast.

- They can sail to a shipyard providing they have an appropriate contract agreement.

While waiting to enter the port or the shipyard, non French vessels can stop or anchor, along the French Mediterranean coasts, after having made contact with the maritime authority (semaphore) or obtained an anchorage authorisation as per prefectural decree 155/2016 of June 24, 2016.

This new regulation 090/2021 cancels and replaces Article 4 of regulation 238/2020 from 30 November 2020.