Simple Steps to Verifying your Sea Service

If you’ve taken the winter season off, are based in a port or aren’t on charter, it’s important to make the most of your downtime by getting your sea service verified to ensure that your records are up to date.

Why verify your sea time?

  • Verified recorded sea time is mandatory in order to progress in your career. 

  • SRBs can be presented to the MCA instead of original testimonials when applying for a Notice of Eligibility (NoE).

  • Crew will avoid significant delays when applying for NOEs, which the MCA has said will occur if they receive sea service testimonials that are not verified by the PYA.

  • Your SRB can be presented to employers in conjunction with your CV to prove your experience.

Key facts about the PYA SRB

  • The PYA can verify sea time for crew members worldwide.

  • The PYA’s online database allows crew to upload all documents easily - no matter their location.

  • The PYA has a dedicated team to ensure all information is accurate and admissible.

  • The PYA has accredited Lloyds ISO 9001:2015 quality management standards, so our Service Record Book is approved and trusted by the MCA and in the industry.

How does it work?

  1. Apply for the Verification of your Testimonials 

  • Fill in an application on our website or visit our office in Antibes, France.

  • Submit or upload the required documentation: passport photo, passport, certificates, testimonials.

  • Option: The PYA can still verify your testimonials even if you’re not a PYA member. Crew will need to apply online and send all original testimonials to our Antibes office.

  1. Sea Service Verification and Service Record Book (SRB) 

  2. A PYA file is created for you (if you’re not already a member) when your testimonials are uploaded or submitted.

  3. Your file is then put into the queue for Sea Service Verification.

  4. Our specialized Sea Service Verification team will check your testimonials for accuracy and ensure they’re dated and signed. If any further information is required, we’ll contact you directly.

  5. Once all possible issues are resolved, our team will email each of the signatories for verification.

  6. After we receive their confirmation, we’ll enter the relevant details into your SRB.

  7. Option: If you’ve applied for verification without becoming a PYA Member, our team will put the PYA Verification Stamp on your testimonials.

  8. Option: All certificates submitted/uploaded onto our digital system are checked and may be entered in your SRB if you have requested us to do so. 

  9. Final Stage - Review by the SRB Officer

  10. Our SRB Officers review all entries and testimonials for accuracy. 

  11. If they’re happy that all of the details are correct, they’ll sign the SRB.

  12. Option: If you’ve only applied for your testimonials to be verified, without becoming a member, the SRB Officer will only sign and date your testimonials with the PYA Verification Stamp.

  13. Complete: We’ll notify you by email to confirm that your SRB or testimonials are ready.