PYA joins French Riviera de-confinement pact

Following a recent statement released by ECPY, the PYA would like to announce our support for the societal and environmental commitment of professional yachting during the period of de-confinement. 

We're all aware that the restrictions put in place to control the spread of COVID-19 has had a significant impact on all industries, including professional yachting and the broader tourism industry that surrounds it. Since the announcement by many European governments to de-escalate these measures, we've seen a gradual movement in recent days towards the preparation of the 2020 summer Mediterranean season, with many organisation and individuals hopeful that the season can still garner economic benefit.

Whilst the need to benefit the economy is felt industry-wide, the PYA along with a group of yachting professionals in the French Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, would like to communicate their commitment to the return to yachting with a fundamental societal and environmental approach.

What does this approach include?
Local French authorities are likely to have to postpone the implementation of regulations on anchorages in Posidonia areas (for vessels over 24 metres). With this in mind, professionals in the industry would like to move ahead in the 2020 summer season by distributing the cartographic elements planned by authorities allowing Captains to better choose their anchorage points in respect to the Posidonia fields, including the mention and recommendations of the associated tools (Medtrix, Donia).

By doing this, signatories would like to demonstrate their commitment towards a collective social and societal responsibility. In addition, they will also work with professionals to define the best sanitary practices in port and at sea.

Who is involved?
The signatories and their partners and members hope that yachting can return to activity as soon as possible while respecting the social (employment of seafarers), economic (spin-offs in the tourism professions), environmental (protection of the marine environment) and societal (global issues) fundamentals of the planet.

Signatories include: PYA, ECPY, MYBA, LYBRA, CCi Nice Côte d'Azur, UPACA, UM06, Station de pilotage de Nice and UPE06.