PYA Verification Procedure and MCA Online Applications

Our team at the PYA office in Antibes works continuously to verify sea service testimonials for our members around the world (in peak times, up to 400 per month!). Due to the large number of crew and testimonials that we verify, it’s important that our members understand and follow the correct process below when submitting their testimonials to us. We have also included some guidelines for submitting your applications to the MCA online. 

A step-by-step guide to verifying your sea time:

 1. Upload your testimonial documents to your member profile on the PYA website, making sure all details are correct and have been prepared according to our guidelines.

2. When you upload your documents, your file goes into a queue for verification with our SRB team. 

3. When your file gets to the verification team, your testimonials are checked for possible issues, including inconsistencies, missing info, errors. To improve the efficiency and speed at which we process your testimonials, it’s REALLY important to follow our testimonial preparation guidelines and make sure all details are correct before uploading your documents to your online profile.

4. If errors are found in your testimonials, we contact you for clarification/correction. If not, we contact your signatories by email for verification. This includes summing up the information you’ve submitted and asking them to confirm it. 

NB: you will receive a notification email when your signatories have been contacted, and one for each reply we receive.

5. Only when we receive all replies for all testimonials in your file do we submit it to an SRB Officer who will review it online. If there are any queries from the SRB Officer, your testimonial is flagged up and we will contact you or the signatory to clarify these details. Once clarified, we have to re-submit your file to the SRB Officer for review and approval.

6. Once all details have been approved by the SRB officer, they appear as VERIFIED on your online profile. 

NB: From this point on you can apply for an NOE/Revalidation ONLINE if you fulfil the rest of the requirements.

7. Your Service Record Book (SRB) will be updated, stamped by an SRB Officer, a copy will be uploaded to your profile and you will get an email to inform you that it's ready for collection/delivery at an address of your choice.

NB: The MCA is only accepting ONLINE applications at this time and no physical documents should be sent by post (except for the OOW 3000 Training Record Book), so it’s safer and simpler if we store your SRB in our office.

Please note, crew will need to have full membership throughout the sea service verification process or pay the non-member fee.


How long does it take to verify your sea time?

The whole process can take up to 25 days at peak periods, but we strive to better this time depending on the volume of demand.


Applying for your NOEs/Revalidations with the MCA

The MCA is still ONLY accepting online applications, so you can apply for NOEs/Revalidations without sending your Service Record Book, as long as you fulfil all the requirements and your sea time appears as VERIFIED on your PYA profile. 

 NB: You will need to copy in your email to the MCA so that we can follow-up with the proof of sea service verification.


Further information

Please read MCA MIN 620 for the latest updates about online applications 

More information about PYA membership and sea service verification can be found below: