PYA Services Update

Dear Member,

The delayed season is, at last, starting to get some momentum.  

At the PYA, we have continued to deliver sea service verifications and certification/examination technical advice online throughout the lockdown and post-lockdown months. This has been successful for many of our members and has allowed us to provide an improved level of service to crew, wherever they are in the world.  

Our goal moving forward is to build upon the flexibility that COVID-19 created and consolidate our services by operating in both an online and in office-based capacity. This means that the move over to digital sea service records and the acceptance of this format by Flag administrations is now a reality. 

This is great news for yachting as it enables us to process your sea service without you necessarily having to come into our Antibes office or arranging to courier documents to and from the PYA Office. We can now also give 1:1 advice on certification and training issues via Zoom by prior appointment.

To make use of our services, please contact our sea service team in Antibes for an appointment either in the Antibes office or online as required.

Please let us have any feedback on our services as this allows us to improve your membership value for money!

Best wishes for a successful season! 

Andy Crawford