PYA Membership Updates

Digitisation of Member Records

As the PYA continues to move over to a more digital way of working, we will also be transferring all of our members’ paper files to our digital system. This, not only to hold true to our aim to become an ecologically friendly and paperless organisation, but also to improve the speed and efficiency with which we can access our members’ data and, therefore, improve our service to them.

If you are a paid-up member of the PYA, your data will be automatically moved and stored in our new digital system. However, due to the high number of member records we hold, we have decided only to keep expired members' records for up to 5 years on our new digital system. Following this time frame, expired members’ data will be deleted. So…. in order to safeguard your documents and records in a secure digital environment, be sure to keep your membership up to date.

New exciting digital advances will be announced very soon!