PYA Issues Over 2,000 Digital Service Record Books (D-SRBs) One Year Since Launch

One year ago, we launched our Digital Service Record Book (D-SRB) – the first tool of its kind in our industry – allowing yacht crew to download a digital verified record of their sea service, which they can email directly to the MCA when applying for certification and revalidation.  

We also reached another important milestone this week, issuing over 2,000 D-SRBs to our members since the launch, proving the success of this pioneering tool. 

Our team has made a number of significant additions and improvements to the D-SRB since its launch, including adding fields in the D-SRB for: 

1) A member’s dual nationality; 

2) The Yachtmaster Commercial Endorsement expiration date (for Deck); 

3) The days with Guests On Board (for interior); 

4) Engineering watchkeeping. 

During a recent review of the D-SRB with the MCA, they commended the PYA on the success of the D-SRB and provided only positive feedback, securing this format of sea service verification for years to come. 

To verify your most recent sea service with the PYA, follow these simple steps, or contact the sea service team for personlised support: