PYA Crew Contracts Survey Report 2020

In 2019, the PYA was approached by more than 135 members of crew requesting urgent advice from the PYA Members’ Assistance Team, with numbers increasing in 2020. Many of the issues were contract-related or due to the crew member not having a contract at all, particularly those working on private yachts.

Due to the prevalence of these issues, we decided to conduct a survey and ask crew a range of questions to get a better understanding of how widespread the problems are within the industry, the types of contracts being issued, the quality of those contracts and the conditions under which they had been provided.

Having no contract at all, or only an inadequate one, can result in misunderstandings on both sides. Sometimes crew don’t know what is expected of them or in some cases may end up being treated unfairly by their employers.

The PYA’s aim is to promote the use of fair and equitable contracts which are adhered to, thus ensuring protection for both parties.

To view the results in our Crew Contracts Survey report, click below: