PYA 2020 Year in Review

As we head toward the end of this year, we look back on what has been a rather challenging period. The Coronavirus pandemic has affected the functioning of all industries, with yachting and the lives of professional crew being no exception. 

At the PYA, we have worked hard to offer an increased level of support and advice to our members during this uncertain time. Although the opening hours and manning of our office in Antibes has been affected during local lockdowns, our team has been available and working remotely throughout the pandemic, which has allowed us to continue delivering key services and support to our members. It has also encouraged us to adapt the way we communicate - with the PYA offering more digital services, support and communications to our members in 2020.

We have summarized our key achievements this year:

  • 29 Years representing yacht crew
  • 2,000 Members worldwide
  • 59 Nationalities
  • 2,490 Sea Service Testimonials verified
  • 1,254 Service Record Books processed
  • 600 Members given one-to-one career advice
  • 186 Members given personalised advice from our Member Assistance Service (MAS) team
  • 7 Meetings with the MCA & IAMI
  • 10 Webinars with over 800 attendees
  • 50 Newsletters
  • 1,000 new Facebook followers
  • 135,000 website visitors

Last but not least...

  • 5 PYA staff doing their maximum on behalf of international yacht crew
  • 0 Christmas Ball...but hoping to be back next year with a vengeance!

View the full statistics here

We can report that the PYA is in good shape and is growing our membership with some exciting projects planned, which we will announce at the start of next year.

On behalf of Team PYA, have a Merry Christmas and we look forward to supporting you personally in 2021!

The PYA Team