New French social security laws for yacht crew

The French government has recently enacted a decree that states a new requirement for social security payments for all non-French seafarers (crew) based in France unless they are already paying for social security (national insurance) in another EU member state, or in any other national state that has an existing bilateral social security treaty with France. 

This decree will come into force on 1st July 2017 and will apply to all seafarers resident or otherwise domiciled in France.

The PYA have already organised one extremely informative seminar to provide clarity to this subject. You can download the presentation notes here.

Our next big seminar on the topic, which is being hosted in conjunction with GEPY and IYM, will be held on 17th May in Monaco. We have an expert panel of speakers, including experts from ENIM, the French mariners' social security group.

Save the date - registration will follow in due course, and priority will be given to members of the three hosting associations.

We are working to verify answers to a range of questions resulting from this decree and will relay these to you as soon as practicable. The answers to these questions will be presented at the forthcoming seminar. 

If you would like to submit particular questions to be included, please email us.