Lockdown Regulations for Yachting - Port Vauban
Port Vauban recently released the following guidelines for yacht crew in France in response to the national lockdown, enforced by French authorities for 4 weeks starting Friday, October 30, 2020.
This lockdown includes numerous prohibitions and restrictions on land which are also applicable to the port/sea:
Pleasure boating/leisure activities are prohibited:
Leisure activities are prohibited until December 1st included. Pleasure boating activities are therefore prohibited. It is forbidden to go on your pleasure boat for a sea trip or even just for maintenance.
Professional maritime navigation is allowed:
A non-exhaustive list of cases where you are authorized to sail in a professional context only: sea trials carried out by a professional crew, vessels engaged in a commercial activity (professional diving, towing, bunkering, professional fishing, convoying, etc).
You live aboard your pleasure boat:
It is therefore considered as your home. It is nevertheless forbidden for you to go out at sea in the context of leisure navigation.
Special case/access to the port of a new yacht:
Special access can be given to pleasure boats coming from a port not concerned by the national lockdown. Only the port authority is in a position to grant or deny you access to the port. If you are granted access, however, you will be prohibited from leaving the port for the duration of the lockdown.
Shipyard activities:
Professional activities are maintained. Nevertheless, yacht owners are not allowed to carry out intra-port towing themselves. It will be advisable to entrust this task to the professional in charge of the intervention on the vessel. The Port Vauban teams are of course at your disposal to offer you this service and to assist you.
Moving on docks and platforms:
During the entire duration of the lockdown, any movement is prohibited unless you have your certificate of movement and it authorizes you to do so. These areas are part of the public domain, and recreational meetings are prohibited.
For help with a particular case, please contact the port authority directly.  
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