Joint Statement on prioritization  of COVID-19 vaccination for seafarers and aircrew

Dear colleagues from the PYA,

Seafarers are key workers in the maritime industry, which accounts for 90% of world trade.

Several seafarer’s professional organisations – including the PYA – have been communicating with authorities at the local, national and international levels, to request that seafarers be placed on lists of essential workers to be vaccinated against COVID-10 in order to continue their work. There were also public requests to that effect made to the United Nations, to the European Parliament and to the European Commission.

I am pleased to attach an official statement from several inter-governmental organisations, including IMO, WHO and ILO, calling on governments to prioritise seafarers (and aircrew) in their national COVID-19 vaccination programmes.

This statement does not mean that seafarers ARE on the priority lists just yet, but this is an important step in the right direction.

Feel free to disseminate the statement as you see fit.

Click here to read the statement. 

Best regards,


PS: Thank you to PYA member Captain Jonathan **, for his assistance