Join the war on single-use plastic with Clear Ocean Pact

Following the mailing we sent out earlier this year which called for our members to join the war against the use of single-use plastic, the not-for-profit organisation, Clear Ocean Pact, has received a positive increase in the number of yachts and crew who signed up. Included, was a well-known 107m yacht which the organisation is hoping will have a strong influence on other vessels joining the PACT.


The organisation’s Founder, Richard Orme, is hoping to get 1,000 superyachts signed up to the initiative by November 2020. With 52 yachts and >575 crew already committed, the organisation still has some work to do before reaching their goal.


By joining the PACT, yachts and crew commit themselves to a set of 5 common goals to help reduce the industry’s dependence on single-use plastics, to share information about viable alternatives to single-use plastic and to inspire other industries to take on the same approach.


Do you want to join the fight against single-use plastic? 

 Follow these simple steps: 

1. Visit their website

2. Sign-up to the PACT

3. Inspire other yachts and crew to do the same


Contribute to Clear Ocean Pact’s Blog

If you’d like to contribute to raising awareness against single-use plastic by becoming a guest writer on their blog, please contact Richard Orme at