John Percival Leadership Award 2020

Has there been a member of your team who has gone the extra mile during the last year? If so, now is your chance to recognise crew who inspired you in a world that is changing ever more quickly!

One of our UK PYA Agents, John Percival Maritime Associates (JPMA), is asking all crew for nominations for the 2020 John Percival Leadership Award!

How to make a nomination

• Does your Bosun guide you in your career decisions, sharing knowledge and recommending courses?

• Does your Engineer explain what goes on within the engine room, letting you shadow engine room checks?

• Does your Chef share tips and techniques, encouraging crew to expand their culinary knowledge and abilities?

If so – please email explaining why a member of your crew (past or present) deserves to be the recipient of this year’s John Percival Leadership Award.

Please send your nominations to John Percival TODAY [Friday 18th December 2020].

Nominations are being reviewed this weekend, so please don't miss this opportunity to recognise your crew.

History of the award

The award was first given at the end of 2014, after Managing Director, Anna Percival-Harris' father passed in March of that year. The award is usually announced each year at Monaco Yacht Show, but was obviously not possible this year.

Anna Percival-Harris explained that her father was the inspiration for the award:

Captain John Percival was an ambassador for onboard training and encouraging investment in a vessel’s crew.

The crew training centre he founded in 1996 aims to promote high standards in all levels of crew, in all departments, inspiring students to return to their vessel emboldened and ready to nurture junior crew.

In his memory, the John Percival Leadership Award was created to reward crew members, at all levels, who personify that ideal.

The winner will receive an engraved award to honour their achievement.

About JPMA

JPMA is a group of experienced marine professionals and small craft practitioners, most of whom are Master Mariners or Chief Engineers who hold, or have held, senior positions within the Marine Industry.

They offer training and tuition to Merchant Navy, Superyacht and Workboat professionals to all levels. Their speciality is preparation for MCA Oral exams for both Deck and Engineering, with a high overall pass rate on the first attempt. They also offer consultancy services and Mini ISM Technical Management.

The courses offered by the school are appropriate to anyone who uses coastal waters or the 'high seas' for business or pleasure, and for those who wish to know more about the sea.

They also provide individuals with Career Guidance, Training Needs Analysis and Training Plans to assist in their personal development and to ensure that they can start or continue with their career in boating/yachting.

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