Introducing the PYA’s new Palma Representative

As part of the PYA’s growth and overarching strategy to offer a wider network of support and services to yacht crew worldwide, we’re excited to announce the appointment of our new PYA representative, Sebnem Tasci, who will be supporting yacht crew based in the Balearics.

Seb is committed to helping the PYA support local members with their careers & certification, offering training advice, as well as connecting crew with our Sea Service verification team to record their sea time and training documents.

Seb is a passionate sailor and has earned her RYA Dayskipper and RYA Yachtmaster certification. This, along with her experience working as a Deck/Stewardess and a number of years’ spent at sea with cruise lines makes her a welcome and knowledgeable addition to the PYA team. Seb is also fluent in English and Turkish, plus has knowledge of Spanish and German, so she's able to assist a wide range of crew.

We interviewed her to find out more about how she plans to help yacht crew based in Palma.

Why did you decide to join the PYA?
I’ve been aware of PYA’s services for the last couple of years and learned about the organisation’s training and certification support while I was doing my Yachtmaster. There aren’t many organisations dedicated to representing and protecting the rights of yacht crew worldwide, so that’s why I wanted to join the PYA because I see their existence as crucial.

How do you plan on expanding the PYA's presence in Palma?
I’ve created a long-term strategy for assisting yacht crew in the main Spanish an
d Balearic ports, which includes developing more communications and outreach activities. I plan on attending local yachting events to network and meet with crew. This will help me understand their needs and develop more ways we can support them.

Why should yacht crew in Palma join the PYA?
Yacht crew need the assistance of a yachting organisation like the PYA to help with their careers, certification and training advice. Most importantly, the verification of sea time is mandatory for the progression of deck and engineering crew, so the PYA is able to process this efficiently and professionally.

How can yacht crew get in touch with you/where will you be based?
I’ll be based in the Bluewater and Palma Yachting HQ offices in Santa Catalina, but please feel free to contact me directly to set-up a meeting.

Contact Seb to set up a meeting:
WhatsApp: +905360556273
Mobile: +34 635 394 983