Interior Crew Compete at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show hosted their annual competitions for chefs and interior crew last week. 

Sunset Soiree & Yacht Chef Competition
Hosted at the Superyacht Village, guests attending the second annual competition enjoyed a range of dishes from four leading chefs who competed, whilst enjoying premium cocktails and tastings from luxury food companies.

Chef Danny Davies of M/Y Excellence, a 150-foot Richmond, was honoured as Best Yacht Chef, alongside Sous Chef Ratu Dawai who created a winning dessert. Competitors also included Private yacht chef Alex Forsythe, freelance yacht chef Jarle Saupstad and longtime yacht chef Andrew Siebert assisted by Haley Bradley. Each Chef created a selection of gourmet dishes and were judged by a panel of esteemed judges. 

Chef Danny Davies of M/Y Excellence, alongside Sous Chef Ratu Dawai

Interior crew competition
Multiple crew competed in the annual Top Notch Tabletop Challenge which celebrates the work of interior crew during the boat show. The competition focused on seven categories: an interior table setting, an outdoor table setting, most artistic napkin fold, creative centrepiece, stylish menu design, best beverage presentation, and tip of the day. 

The judging panel included a host of former crew and interior experts who focused on creativity, aesthetics and overall design impact. 

The winners of the 2019 Top Notch Tabletop Challenge:

Best Overall Design: M/Y Excellence, a 150-foot Richmond with Chief Stew Bintu Omagbemi, 2nd Stew Zia Pypers, and 3rd Stew Jennifer Walker.

Best Chic Outdoors: M/Y MAG III, a 145-foot Benetti, with Chief Stew Nico Van Der Westhuizen, 2nd stews Chenelle Godfrey and Kerry Langschmidt.

2nd Chic Outdoors: M/Y Hospitality, a 164-foot Westport, with Chief Stew Madison MacLeod, 2nd Stew Summer Meili, and Deckhand/Stew Colleen Meehan.

3rd Chic Outdoors: M/Y Claire, a 150-foot Trinity, with Chief Stew Kelly Olejniczak, 2nd Stew Lymne Dahl, and 3rd Stew Lexi Wilson.

Best Luxe Interior: M/Y Andiamo, a 150-foot Palmer Johnson, with Chef Nadine Imfeld, Chief Stew Lucia Turner, and 2nd Stew Ana Sanchez.

2nd Best Luxe Interior: M/Y My Maggie, a 112-foot Westport, with Chief Stew Monica Bolet.

3rd Best Luxe Interior: M/Y Three Sons, a 130-foot Westport, with Chief Stew Morgan Brawley and Stew Jessie Sahaydak.

Most Artistic Napkin Fold: M/Y My Qing, a 151-foot Choy Lee, with Stew/Masseuse Erin Wilks and 3rd Stew Alyssa Blake.

Top Creative Centerpiece: M/Y MAG II

Best Beverage Presentation: M/Y Coy Koi, an 83-foot Kuipers Doggersbank, with Chief Stew Kylie Pool and Stew/Deckhand Krystine Barnard.

Stylish Menu Design: M/Y Sotavento, a 164-foot Benetti with Chief Stew Mariel Correa, 2nd Stew Brooke Smith, and 3rd Stew Kate Freeman.

Tip of the Day: M/Y Sovereign, a 180-foot Newcastle, with Chief Stew Petronela Sivakova, 2nd Stew Danielle Hadlington, Stew Victoria Rowley, and Stew Mimi Trung.