Industry Meet with French Maritime Prefecture & Minister of the Seas

During the recent Cannes Yachting Festival, PYA CEO, Christophe Bourillon met with the French Maritime Prefecture, French Maritime Administrations and other industry associations (ECPY, GEPY and RYN), in addition to attending a 2-hour seminar with the Minister of the Seas.  

During the event, many topics affecting the yachting industry in France were discussed, including: 

  1. Concrete actions with the Prefecture Maritime to speed up the implementation of mooring buoys in areas suggested by the industry. PYA members are invited to send their feedback on anchoring in the French Mediterranean under the new Posidonia rules to 

  2. Long-term policy implementation to support the (large) yachting sector with the Minister of the Seas and government bodies.  

Following this event, the Minister of the Seas and French President, Emmanuel Macron, attended the ‘Assises de la Mer’ on 15 & 16 September in Nice. President Macron addressed the audience for over 2 hours, specifically focusing on the importance and positive impact of the maritime industry for France. 

‘‘This is good news for our members and the sector we represent. Following these events, we have firmly established channels of communication between the PYA and the French government at all relevant levels and it is likely that we will be at the forefront of all important communications and updates for the industry in the future’’, said Christophe Bourillon, PYA CEO.