France, Italy & Monaco Introduce Health Pass

If you’re traveling between the popular Italian, French and Monaco yachting ports this summer, then it is important to know the new Covid-19 rules and regulations which will affect all yacht crew and guests. 

All three countries have now introduced health passes in order to access public venues, including restaurants and tourist attractions. In addition, these health passes will be required for long-distance travel – see the full details below: 


Since 9 June 2021, France started introducing a 'Pass Sanitaire' (health pass) for individuals aged 12 and over for access to venues exceeding 50 people and, as of 9 August 2021, it became mandatory in cafes, bars, restaurants, shopping centers and long-distance transportation. 

The health pass consists of presenting, in digital format (via « My Wallet » of the Covid application ) or paper, proof of non-contamination of Covid-19. 

For the full details of the new ‘Pass Sanitaire’, including the venues and documentation required, visit the French Government website. 


As of 6 August 2021, a 'Green Pass' is now required to enter certain venues in Italy, including restaurants, bars, museums, gyms, theatres and more.  

From September, Italy will require a vaccination pass on long-distance transportation, including high-speed trains and ferries between regions.  

Access to the above services and activities is allowed on presenting the EU Digital COVID Certificate or an equivalent certificate issued by the health authorities of Canada, Japan, Israel, the United Kingdom and the United States. 

For full details on how to obtain a green pass, visit the Italian Government website. 


From 2 July 2021, Monaco has introduced a Health Pass, the 'Monaco Safe Pass'.

This document will be usable in the Principality and in France.

From Saturday, July 24 2021, all people over 16 who wish to go to restaurants and bars in Monaco, with the exception of Monegasques, residents, employees (only employees, not members of their household), students of the Principality, people staying in a hotel establishment in the Principality or staying on a ship anchored in one of Monaco’s ports must present a health pass. This obligation also applies to people residing in the Alpes-Maritimes and the province of Imperia.

From Monday 23 August 2021, all Monegasques, residents and employees of the Principality will be required to present a health pass to access Monaco’s restaurants and bars. This period will allow people who wish to be vaccinated to finalize their vaccination course.

For the full details, visit the Monaco Government website.