European Travel Regulations for Crew

Since the implementation of strict travel regulations worldwide, yacht crew planning to travel to popular European ports at the start of the Mediterranean season have had to put their plans on hold. 

Recently, some European countries have put plans in place to start easing travel restrictions, which brings some much-awaited good news to the industry. Although the reduction of regulations is not guaranteed, crew can start keeping up to date with the following resources before making travel arrangements.

Here is a list of useful resources for crew/yachts looking to travel in the future.

Port & travel restrictions by country

Worldwide travel updates: 

Port clearances - Mediterranean, Americas & Caribbean


President Macron announced the extension to France’s lockdown regulations until 11th of May. Although some schools and businesses will be allowed to start opening from this date, restaurants, hotels and tourist sites are set to remain closed until further notice.

Anyone travelling to France from inside Europe (including the UK) needs to present a travel certificate. Non-French citizens are only allowed into the country if they are permanent residents or their travel meets strict criteria of essential travel. 

Government website:


Whilst some Spanish businesses have recently been allowed to resume (manufacturing and construction), shops, restaurants and public spaces remain in lockdown until April 26th.

All ports in the Balearics remain closed. 

Mainland Spain: pleasure vessels can apply for an exception for entry/departure from the individual port authority.

Government website:


General lockdown in Italy has been extended until 3rd May.

Vessels cannot travel between marinas nor along the coast. They are only allowed to move to a shipyard if a contract is in place and return to their berth.

Vessels travelling from abroad need to contact the port authorities first and submit the required documentation (A travel declaration that specifies what the essential need is and health declaration for all crew and guests onboard).

Government website including COVID-19 regulations:


No vessels are allowed into ports or yards. The Greek government is set to look at the possible review of lockdown regulations on 27th April.For additional information on yachting legislation, contact A1 Yachting.


Entry of any yachts has been suspended until further notice. Turkey has additionally shut the borders of 31 cities to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

Contact Yachting 360 for port and entry assistance.


Lockdown extended until 3rd May. No entry into Monaco ports is allowed by pleasure yachts, except Monaco flagged yachts joining their home port.

Please note: We have put together the above advice based on the information available right now [16 April 2020]. All crew should regularly check the supplied resources for updates and check with local port authorities and embassies before making travel arrangements.