Award of Merchant Navy Medal to PYA President


Capt. Schofield, who commands the yacht WHITE ROSE OF DRACHS, has been President of the PYA since 2008 and has played a significant role in bringing the PYA to its current position as the only world-wide body devoted exclusively to the interests of seafarers working on superyachts.

Following the award ceremony, Captain Schofield stated “The success of the PYA’s initiatives is the result of the hard work of many people who volunteer their time to make them a reality along with the diligence of our staff. I would like to acknowledge this and accept the honour on behalf of this collective effort”.

In addition, Capt. Schofield is one of main instigators of the IHO’s scheme to collect ‘crowd-sourced’ bathymetric data from yachts in order to improve chart data in areas infrequently, or never, surveyed.

This Queen’s award, presented by Princess Anne on her behalf, is welcome proof that the United Kingdom acknowledges the importance and value of super-yachts to the Red Ensign group of flag administrations.