ALERT Low-hanging power cables off Poros Island in Greece

Following the accident on the 20th August, which involved a helicopter crashing into high power cables approximately 100m from Poros island,  the Greek authorities have warned that the power cables are currently lying at dangerously low levels, which are a threat for large yachts travelling in the area. 

After the incident, the cables were repaired but the repair crew did not adjust the tension correctly, resulting in them now being 26m above sea level at their lowest point. This is substantially lower than the 48m height  before the accident.

We would like to alert all our members travelling within the area that the cables run across one of the most frequently used routes for yachts and are a serious threat for large yachts or those boats with tall masts navigating  in this area.

The authorities advise that the tension adjustment is scheduled for the 27th October, so all yachts should take great care when cruising in this area until the cables have been adjusted.


Image credit: Photo by Jérôme Bertaux on Unsplash