10 Free tickets to the upcoming crew retention conference

We’re proud to be supporting Quaynote at their upcoming 'Improving Yacht Crew Retention' conference, targeted at the South of France yachting community, including Captains and crew.

Planned for Thursday 12th March at the AC Hotel by Marriott Ambassadeur in Antibes, the event will focus on topics which influence the retention of crew in this high-turnover industry. 

With MLC legislation placing increased obligations on employers and the need for skilled, professional crew becoming more and more recognised, this conference will discuss how the industry can retain the best yacht crew through first-class benefits and pension provision, plus provide an overview of MLC compliance and training.

The conference will consist of a combination of presentations and panel discussions, including a panel hosted by PYA CEO, Andy Crawford. Key issues to be discussed include:

  • How to attract and retain the best people to the industry?

  • What role does training play in crew retention and where does current training fall short?

  • What crew pensions and other benefits are currently available?

  • How do the rules governing pension provision vary between jurisdictions?

  • Recruitment companies discuss salary, benefits and other incentives such as apartments provided.

  • What social security and benefits must be offered to crew by the employer in order to comply with MLC legislation?

  • Using IT to administer the range of benefits that employers will increasingly have to offer Captains and crew

Sponsored by WYCC, a top provider of retirement and benefits plans, the conference will offer participants a tailored platform to update their knowledge and network. 

To reserve your FREE place, email info@pya.org. Tickets to be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. For PYA Members only.

For further booking enquires, click here.