Crew Work Book

The PYA Crew Work Book is issued to all Associate members of the association. Junior deck/ engineering crew as well as interior crew of all levels can use the PYA Crew Work Book to list their qualifications, log their sea time and record their attendance at Continuing Professional Development sessions, all of which will help their career progression. Getting into good, timely habits with recording your sea service is extremely important from the moment you start your career, and the Crew Work Book enables crew to obtain sea service testimonials from their captains and log their experience.

The Crew Work Book can be used as a log of sea service when applying for a Yacht Rating Certificate but cannot be submitted to the MCA for application for an NoE or CoC.

When the Associate member requires the PYA Service Record Book, they can easily upgrade to a Full Member (with a reduction of €100 on their first year’s membership) and the testimonials they have recorded in their Crew Work Book will be verified by the PYA and entered into their new SRB.