Feedback on the new website

"More than anything, developing a new website for the PYA was mainly about bringing structure and substance, rather than adding layout and styling."

It's been months in the making. Well, you know the saying about a camel and a committee, but we're so happy to be able to introduce our new platform to you. It's yet another step PYA is taking in the direction of interaction with its membership and the whole yachting community. We're working on so much more to add on top of it shortly.

We're now using a very modern platform to manage the site, a platform that is capable of interacting with social media platforms and is fully integrated in our administration app and HQ in Antibes. The very same software that is used to manage membership and issue Service Record Books is used to manage all communication with membership.

More than anything, visiting the PYA's new website on board (through a VSAT or 3G uplink) should be fast and simple, and we've taken extra care to be backwards compatible with older browsers, too. Those older browsers won't get the latest features and not everything will look exactly the same, but everything should be functional. If not, please let us know using the form below.

We'd love to hear what you think or what issues you've encountered?

The website work group would like to thank you in advance for your remarks positive or other wise - constructive criticism is always welcome!

Please contact with any comments.

Professional Yachting Association