Monday 11 Apr 2016

PYA-Endorsed Workshops Delivered by ACREW

Crew can now have their attendance at selected ACREW Continuing Professional Development events stamped into the brand new PYA Crew Work Book.

The PYA is committed to maintaining the highest professional standards in the yachting industry. The association encourages all yacht crew to take part in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to enhance their skills and gain a competitive edge at every stage of their career. Continuing to learn throughout your career is essential if you want to progress and reach your full potential.

ACREW deliver worldwide events for Superyacht crew facilitating professional development opportunities across all departments. Their programme of workshops and interactive learning sessions held at shipyards, marinas and yacht shows continues to expand to meet the needs of today’s career crew.
The PYA is keen to take an active role and has worked with ACREW to endorse the content of certain workshops on offer. In order to receive PYA endorsement, the content and facilitator of each workshop will be carefully verified by the Training and Certification department of the PYA. It will be clear when registering for ACREW events which ones have been endorsed.
Attendance at PYA-endorsed CPD can now be entered into the brand new PYA Crew Work Book, which crew can use to demonstrate to future employers and crew agents that they have personally invested time and energy in learning new skills and knowledge. Together with a CV, this commitment has been highlighted by many captains as a positive factor when hiring crew. As well as being a log of the Continuing Professional Development you have undertaken, the Crew Work Book can also be used to list your qualifications and record your sea service. Available to Cadet Green and Interior PYA members, it is the perfect tool for interior crew and junior deck/engineering crew to log their sea-faring career. As and when full PYA membership and the MCA-approved Service Record Book is required, membership can easily be upgraded.



On the 7th and 8th April, the first ACREW event with PYA-endorsed workshops was held at the IYCA in Antibes. With an exciting programme of events catered to all departments, the PYA were pleased to have endorsed eight of the workshops on offer. The sessions were all well-attended, and the crew were pleased they could now record the fact that they took part.


There will be PYA-endorsed content at every ACREW event, so remember to bring your Crew Work Book! If you don’t have one, you can get yours at the event.
The next Continuing Professional Development being delivered by ACREW will take place at the Palma Yacht Show from April 28th to May 2nd.
For details of all upcoming ACREW events please visit    

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