Important notices from the MCA

You can download the key notices from the MCA below. For more, please consult the MCA website.

Last update: 10/05/2022

Notice Details
MIN 535
Clarification on STCW Refresher Training
MSN 1859
UK Requirements for Engineer Officers on Large Yachts (over 24m)
MSN 1862
UK Requirements for Deck Ratings
MSN 1861
UK Procedure for the Revalidation of Certificates of Competency and Tanker Endorsement
MSN 1858
Training & Certification Guidance: UK Requirements for Deck Officers on Large Yachts (over 24m)
MIN 521
Amendments to MSN 1858 (OOW Yacht Requirements to gain an Exemption from Completing the Training Record Book)
MSN 1865
UK Requirements for Emergency, Occupational Safety, Security, Medical Care, and Survival Functions.
MSN 1846
Ships Cook Certificate Guidance
MIN 531
(WITHDRAWN) Recognised qualifications for food hygiene and food safety
MIN 474
Retention of Crew Agreements for Vessels not subject to the Maritime Labour Convention
New route to OOW Large Yachts 3000 gt
MIN 543
Sea service verification on large yachts
MIN 524
Engineer officer small vessel Certificate of Competency
MIN 594
Changes to Examinations leading to a Restricted Engineering UK Certificate of Competency
MSN 1867
UK Requirements for the recognition of non-UK Certification leading to the issue of a Certificate of Equivalent Competency (CEC) 
MIN 620
(WITHDRAWN) Update on online oral exams and future issue of Notice of Eligibilities during the COVID-19 lockdown period
MIN 655
New Style Certificates for UK Seafarers and those working Onboard UK Ships
MIN 675
Updated Guidance on the MCA's Booking Oral Exams, the Issue of Notices of Eligibility (NOEs) and the Online Oral Exam Process
MGN 474
Retention of Crew Agreements where appropriate