Yacht Rating Certificate

Some vessels require crew to have a Yacht Rating Certificate as part of their safe manning requirements.

The PYA is authorized to issue Yacht Rating Certificates on behalf of the MCA.

We now accept online applications! Simply email all required documentation to certificates@pya.org - read below for further details.


In the case of a seafarer joining the PYA as a full member, the YRC, if required at time of joining, would be included in their first year's membership fee of €185. The charge is €40 to PYA other type members and  €80 for non-PYA members.

In order to qualify for a Yacht Rating, you must:

  1. Be at least 16 years of age;

  2. Demonstrate at least 6 months yacht service including 2 months of days AT SEA, all of which must be on vessels 15 metres and over in load line length;

  3. Complete the four elements of approved STCW basic training:

  • Personal Survival Techniques (STCW Code Ref A-VI/1-1), or RYA Basic Sea Survival;

  • Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (STCW Code Ref A-VI/1-2);

  • Elementary First Aid (STCW Code Ref A-VI/1-3);

  • Personal Safety & Social Responsibility (STCW Code Ref AVI/1-4);

  1. Complete the Yacht Rating Training Record Book

Documents to submit for obtaining the Yacht Rating Certificate

Please read the following carefully because the paperwork that needs to be submitted for the issue of a YRC is quite substantial and this will help your application go smoothly.

You will need to submit to us the following, in person (originals) or by email (certified copies):

1. Original Yacht Rating Certificate Application form dully filled in and signed;

2. Original or Certified copy of passport (by a training school or your Captain or Chief Officer with their CoC number included);

3. Passport size photograph. If applying in person, please bring 2 photos with your name and countersignature of the same person countersigning your application, at the back.

4. PYA Service Record Book or Testimonials and Discharge Book (if you don't have an SRB, two forms of proof are required); You may use a Yacht Rating Certificate Testimonial or any of our testimonial forms found here.

5. Original or Certified copies of your STCW Certificates;

6. Original or Certified copies of valid medical fitness certificate, e.g. ENG 1;

7. Yacht Rating Certificate Training Record Book, Annex B of MSN 1862 (not required if you have the certificates listed in 4B of application);

For more information please contact certificates@pya.org


Last updated 24-10-2022